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Janaina Torres Galeria at Latitude ArtFair 2020

setembro 25, 2020 | Andrey Zignnatto, Daniel Jablonski, English, Feiras, Heleno Bernardi, Luciana Magno, Sandra Mazzini

Heleno Bernardi, Tudo menos a paisagem I, 2019, acrylic, glaze and spray on canvas, 74 4/5 × 102 9/25 × 2 3/4 in, 188 × 259.1 × 5.1 cm

We gladly announce the works of our artists for Latitude Art Fair, a selection that invites us to a creative reflection on history and identity, starting from a problematic geographical and cultural point and pointing in the direction of other paths and territories, formal, geographical and imagined.

See our booth here.

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Cartography of deception: Hy Brazil, by Daniel Jablonski

abril 16, 2020 | Daniel Jablonski, English

Hy Brazil, by Daniel Jablonski: a set of works about a ghost, a fiction, a myth and an error, The Isle of Brazil.

Hy Brazil is an investigation about error, deception, delusion. In a set of five works, Brazilian artist Daniel Jablonski takes as its object a ghost island called “Brazil” (or Hy Bressail, O’Brazil, Bracil, Bracir etc.) long before the discovery of America. Usually located close to the coast of Ireland, it was virtually present in all nautical maps, from 1325 to 1870, until it was finally discarded by modern cartography. In the meantime, the isle of Brazil has occupied a privileged place in the imagination of the Age of Exploration and beyond – in literature, scholasticism, mythology and even ufology – as a wonderful but unreachable place.

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Announcing the representation of Ricardo Siri

março 1, 2020 | English, News, etc, Ricardo Siri

Ricardo Siri holds Casulo 01, sculpture made of clay, wax, bees’ nest, chicken feathers and branches

Sonic and visual artist, who lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, explores sound, objects and organic materials and makes his individual debut on March 19

São Paulo – Janaina Torres Galeria is pleased to announce the representation of Ricardo Siri (1974, RJ), a sonic and visual artist, whose work moves between sculpture, performance, installation, photography and video. The artist, who lives and works in the neighbourhood of Santa Teresa, in Rio de Janeiro, will debut his solo show at Janaina Torres Galeria on March 19.

Heir to an aesthetic that brings together elements ranging from surrealism to neoconcretism and immersive art, Siri is the creator of a poetics that unites art and life, where sounds and objects encompass concept, form and experience.

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